I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember, primarily because I can’t afford everything I want, and because some things benefit from some customisation. A self-confessed perfectionist, I love detail and subtlety and strive for everything I make to be delightfully tactile.

I’m excited by process and often find the journey to a finished product more satisfying than the end result. The joy of learning a new skill or uncovering the secrets of a product’s manufacture is for me, as enjoyable as a cold beer in the Californian sunshine. 

Although only a small number of my projects are displayed here, you may notice the variety in the work I undertake. From bicycles to headphones, I’ve tackled many problems both personally, and for customers across the world. I love to collaborate or work on bespoke commissions and would encourage anyone interested in working with me to contact me here. 

Nick was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England, living in both the very north and south of the country before moving to California. Here he enjoys the very best in life: a modest home studio, the Californian sunshine, an excellent range of world beers, and the love of his wife, Jo.