Before moving in...

Here is a quick look at what the condo looked like when we just got the keys! All empty, but a beauty!

We signed all the paper work on November 29th...


Got the keys

and went for a visit! --some of the photos are from when the house was still full of furniture from the realtor who was showing it.

This is the front door and den, which will soon become my home office!


The first floor also has a bathroom, guest bedroom and small patio out back

Head one floor up and you'll find the kitchen, dining and living room...

This was Kimball's first visit to the house. He, of course, brought a bed over to hang out in along with some toys

The third floor has the laundry room, master bedroom and bathroom along with a closet and balcony. Outside of our bedroom there is also a set of stairs that bring you to the rooftop (which we will be building out into a garden/hang out space in the upcoming year!). Needless to say, Kimball is a big fan of the rooftop as he gets to run around without a leash while chasing a laser.